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September 28, 2008

Installment #3 of Complexity-Driven Development

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About a month ago, I posted a pair of articles that describe a method I call complexity-driven development.  These two articles discussed the rationale for this method and described a process for how to perform it.

Today, I have posted the third article in the series (  This article describes a problem to be used to apply this method.  The problem domain is local-area transporation operations, ranging from less than-truckload (LTL) trucking to overnight carriers (Fed Ex and UPS) to embedded delivery fleets (bottled water delivery, resturant supply, uniform service, etc.).

This article discusses the common factors that affect all local-area transportation operations.  It also discusses each of the three contexts to highlight the differences in their current state, pain points and constraints, and desired future states.

This is a complex and rich problem space.  The presence of the three similar, but different, contexts will challenge you to figure out how to address them.  Will a single system be sufficient?  Will three different systems be necessary?  Or is it possible to architect a product family platform/framework that can support high quality systems for each context?   The complexities you discover and consequences you assess will inform you.

A fourth article (in this three part series) will be posted shortly with my application of the complexity-driven development method to the local-area transportation problem.


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